Sensate Skeptic emerged through a study of kinematic systems and an interest in choreographing an object beyond its traditionally static state. By programming the behavior of the object, we could begin to allow it to become reactive and responsive to its environment while also engraining it with the sensate characteristics of human emotional response. 
The object, pictured below, was programmed using an Arduino Uno and through the utilization of reactive sensors was able to actively respond to changing stimuli. Utilizing ultrasonic motion sensors and a vibration motor, the object would begin to shake nervously when detecting motion in its proximity. Its hairs, constructed from fiber optics, would flash at varying intensities to suggest the object’s “mood”. When engaged through touch, which trigger the system’s tactile sensors, the object could be calmed and its shaking would suspend. In its calmed state, the anxious flashing LEDs of its hairs would transition to a gentle flickering of blue light. 
Object photographed as an isolated being and within its environment
Project in Collaboration With:
Nikos Kalantzopoulos & Marta Llor

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