Colburn School Campus Expansion Critic - Florencia Pita
Los Angeles, California
Spring 2020
Latticed Apparatus
Parafictional Object Critic - Kutan Ayata
Parafictional Objects
Spring 2020
Palimpsestic Renewal
Oddkin Architectural Reinterpretation of an Ottoman Han Critic - Ferda Kolatan
Istanbul, Turkey
Fall 2019
Sensate Skeptic
Arduino-Programmed Responsive Object Critic - Simon Kim
Immersive Kinematics
Fall 2019
Mega-Block Redux
Stuyvesant Town Urban Housing-Block Expansion Critic - Kutan Ayata
Manhattan, New York
Fall 2018
Layered Ecologies
Mycelium-Based Product Development and Research Facility Critic - Nate Hume
Brooklyn, New York
Spring 2019
Woven Partition
Fabric-Cast Screen System Critic - Mike Avery
Digital Fabrication
Spring 2019
Interwoven Agency
East Parkside Library and Public Recreational Facility Critic - Annette Fierro
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Spring 2017
Programmed Matter
Agent-Based Robotic Construction Critic - Robert Stuart-Smith
Material Formations
Spring 2019
Fibrous Candescence
Russel Wright Inspired Pavilion Critic - Andrew Saunders
Manitoga, New York
Fall 2016
Con-structed Spatiality
Russel Wright American-Modern Collection Gallery Critic - Andrew Saunders
Manitoga, New York
Fall 2016
Clustered Entanglement
MOMA PS1 Pavilion Design Critics - Ezio Blasetti & Danielle Willems
Queens, New York
Summer 2016
Miscellaneous Work
Various Studies, Drawings & Experiments Critic - Varies
2016 - 2020
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